Welcome to the HollowSeas RP official donation store! Here, we sell our donor ranks that allow us to help operate the server, do amazing things with it, and improve your experience! 

If you have any problems, pop over to our discord server (https://discord.gg/QdSWQrV) or contact @LoJoSho#0001 on discord!

Why do you need my money?

Operating a Minecraft server and a website is not cheap. Therefore, we turn to the community to help us out financially! Every donation helps out the server a little!

Who is CraftingStore and why do you use them? Why not Buycraft/Trebex

CraftingStore is a significantly cheaper alternative to Buycraft meaning we can spend more on the server rather than having to keep the donation store up!


We do offer refunds to players!

You must have:

  • Bought the rank less than 2 weeks ago
  • Less than 2+ hours of playtime on said rank
  • Could not have been gifted to another player

These are the guidelines about refunds, if you wish to initiate a refund, join our discord server or contact @LoJoSho#0001 through discord so we can get it all sorted out.

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