HollowSeas Offical All in one-stop store to get all sorts of goodies on the server.

Welcome to the HollowSeas all-in-one stop for your latest HollowSeas goods! Right now, the current offerings are Journeyman, Adventurer, and Knight! In our Misc. tab, you can donate any extra cash to help the server!

What do we do with the money? Let us break down our costs:

Hosting (10GB) = $15

Website Hosting = $4

Craftingstore = $~6

Total = $25 dollars per month to for upkeep alone! That is a lot! That is why, we are turning to you guys to help support the server!

With the extra cash, we could get a hub for the server, pay for premium plugins and get custom plugins, and a whole lot more! 

In order to ensure consumers come first, we actually have a refund policy! (WOOO!)

The following are our refund policy:

  • Must be within 2 weeks of the purchase
  • Must have not had over 2 hours on the server
  • Must have not already purchased the package before
  • Must be a rank or another non-consumable package

That is it! No big words or long contracts, just that! 

However, if you ever need any further assistance, that assistance can be found at:

Discord: @LoJoSho#0001 ( https://discord.gg/2SMRZhU )

Email: LoJoSho@HollowSeas.com

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